You, Your Company Blog, and Abraham Lincoln

In fielding some questions about using a professional blog writer, we have found a few common confusions, questions, and misconceptions that you may also have but haven’t voiced yet.

So in the interest of anticipation, let’s clear those up shall we?

First off, although it is important that the writer write something relative to your business, it is not important that he be an expert on the subject.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “It’s not so much what you as how you say it”? Well that applies here.

The purpose of a blog is not to educate your public on your product or service. That is what your website and articles are for. They are marketing pieces. They should be technical, descriptive, to the point, directly relevant and market driven.

Not the case with a blog. A blog should be light reading ‘around’ the subject. It should be conversational, informative, entertaining, and hopefully popular. It should be interactive with comments and link backs so people can share it with others and give their two cents (within moderation of course).

In other words, it should be the opposite side of the coin, the photo negative, the reverse angle, etc. too your market heavy website and article content.

It should lightly engage the reader while entertaining them in a ‘safe zone’ away from the sometimes ever present pitch.

That doesn’t require the writer to be an expert in your field. It requires the creative writer to be an expert in his.

My second point is mechanically speaking it really doesn’t matter.

Google could care less WHY a Civil War reenactment forum finds a property title company’s site relevant. It just knows that the Civil War buffs are just one more site indicating that the title company is important regarding search terms like title insurance, faulty land titles, deeds, and farms.

The monster search engine can’t grasp the historical entertainment value of a story about how Abraham Lincoln’s father Thomas lost the family farm in Kentucky where Honest Abe was born due to a faulty land title.

Yahoo and MSN don’t know why there are links from history buffs, Lincoln fans, political researchers, and a thousand other disrelated sites saying that Joe’s Title Company is the a very important site when the words ‘farm, title, land, faulty, insurance’ are typed in. To a search engine, popularity equals relevance as one of its indexing criteria.

Thirdly, you should be as involved in creation of your blog as you want to be. Some don’t have the time and just trust that we as professionals are going to provide the same top-notch service we always do. Some want to be intricately involved in the post creation process providing insight, information, and editing.

Last but not least, unless you have the time to write, SEO structure, and promote your blog, as a business owner, yes you need a professional blogger.

by Michael Graves