What!! Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly Yet?

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If you have invested in a fully up-to-date mobile-friendly website, you can safely skip this blog post. Unless you’re just curious to find out how right you really were. In that case, just keep reading.

But if you haven’t made that jump yet, here’s something you ought to know.

More people are using their smartphones or other mobile devices to look for products or services like yours. About half of them are ONLY using their smartphones. To compete, you need to adapt your existing site to the new technology of mobile websites.

Google Helps Us Out with Some Survey Data

Here’s some statistics that Google is making available.

  1. 48% of folks who are out on the road and searching for products or services start by pulling up a search engine like Google or Bing. They are not going straight to a specific website. For example, they go to Google and type in “buy lumber in Tampa” rather than going to www.homedepot.com. That’s significant because it means you have a chance to compete in your market. You just have to be easy to find.

  2. If you have anything to do with the beauty market, here’s a statistic for you. 46% of people shopping for beauty products or services do not have a definite brand in mind when they set out to shop. Again, this is good for the same reason. You have a chance to grab that traffic if your site places well in Google (and other search engine) results.

  3. More than half of those consumers who are on the road want to buy whatever they are looking for within the hour. Whether it’s a meal, new tires, patio furniture, dog food, a facial or athletic shoes, they left the house with the intention to buy and they want it now.

The bad thing is that nearly every consumer that’s using mobile is still finding sites that are obsolete. According to Google, 96% of consumers answered a survey saying that they were still finding sites that were clearly not set up for mobile.

Given the growing popularity of mobile, an investment in an updated website is a necessity.

The Point is…

I don’t want to drown you in statistics, so I’ll just say this. In further surveys, consumers definitely described themselves as warm toward mobile sites and the businesses that went to the trouble to update their sites and very cool toward businesses that didn’t make the effort.

Well, just one more statistic: “48% said that if a site didn’t work well on their smartphones, it made them feel like the company didn’t care about their business.”

If you’ve got a website, it now needs to be updated to be mobile-friendly. This doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg; in fact, it’s probably less than you think.

It’s easy to find out – just call us. Whether we built your website or not, we can convert it so it will be fast to load, easy to navigate, and friendly for that mobile user looking for your business.

Kevin Dublin