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Top Search Engine Results That Speak For Themselves!

“I wanted to thank you for creating such a wonderful website. Not only is it professional (and beautiful), but it is #1 on Google. We see lots of new customers that we’ve never seen before and they tell me that they found my website and came in because if it. This is wonderful.” – D.C.

“I wanted to thank you again for the great work you all are doing for our site. They continue to be listed number one in Google and Yahoo and we are delighted. We are certainly happy with your hosting and other services you provide to us. Thanks so much!” – S.I.

“Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how excited we are about our placement in the search engines – especially GOOGLE! We have been getting several phone calls from the Internet and have been able to close them for bookings, who have accessed the search engines for info regarding our businesses.

We feel like WE are a priority to you and that MARKETING our business is a priority to you!
Thanks a bunch!” – S.C.

“Over half my clients come from my web site. They call me ready to make an appointment – all of their questions have been answered already, which saves me a lot of time.” – G.F.

“My company came up 2nd on the unpaid search results!!! On Google!!!!!! I haven’t been in business for 5 months yet, and you guys have gotten me to number two on one of the most important terms on one of the biggest search engines. (As well as number one on another really important search term on AltaVista — and those are just the ones I know about.)

“I really cannot say enough good things about you guys. Search engine rankings are the “Holy Grail” of anyone seriously trying to get results from Internet marketing. I have seen dozens of companies drop tons of money, without getting much of anything at all in return. You guys are the exact opposite: I spend very little with you and yet you give me an enormous exchange of identifiable results. Right now, 90% of my leads are coming from the Internet, and Visual Edge is responsible for a large portion of them. Please give my sincere thanks to the crew.” – D.J.

“80% of my new clients come from my website. Whatever they search for that we do, we’re always in the top positions so they find us, call us, and come in. It is awesome.” – L.F.

“You guys are doing an AWESOME job keeping us at the top of the search engines. THANK YOU!!!!” – B.W.

“I don’t know what you did, but keep on doing it! I got my first airbrush tan call – she found me on the net and I didn’t expect any key words to really go into effect for a month or so – it’s been what? a week? THANK YOU!” – C.F.

“I have been a client with Visual Edge Design for more than a year and half. – A very happy client I might add. They built my custom interactive site in lickity split time! Then they followed up by constantly tweaking and improving my site to get it to climb in the search engine lists! …They have coached my website business with great ideas along the way. They always have my site’s success in mind – and all the staff at Visual Edge Design has been great to work with. I salute them for their able work – all done at reasonable prices.” – R.R.

“I just want to take a minute to let you know that your firm has gotten my web site to the top of the list on the “WEB”. What a kick to see my name come up first. Thank you for all your continuing help.” – L.S.

“I want to thank you for your help in setting up my website. Not only are you easy to work with, since I had the website 80% of my business is generated from it. That is no exaggeration. I am still advertising in local papers and publications but with my website my month of February doubled in business and March the same. Thank you for a great job and being so accommodating.” – K.B.


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