Time for Some Fun!

For some people, the last time they set out to have fun just for the sake of having fun was when they were young, before family, bills, taxes and other concerns absorbed all their attention. In today’s blog post, we’re going to talk about the image below and how this is related to having fun.

There have been various versions of this idea circulated around the internet – it’s not even possible to track down originators or artists to give him (or her) credit. This image is presented here as an authorization and suggestion for you to have the fun of creating a little magic.


The magic of creating something new and exciting may be outside your current comfort zone that might have narrowed down to managing the day-to-day business. Keeping up with overhead, accounting, employee issues and legalities may have resulted in a cramping of your originality, creativity and the pure magic of dreaming a more ideal future and then seeing it come to fruition.

There are two simple ways to capture some of that magic back without stressing out your comfort zone. The first way is giving yourself time to just daydream. Daydreaming is underrated. We’re talking about pure imagination, letting yourself wander unrestrained down avenues of fancy. Daydreaming is so often discouraged when we were children but here’s the funny thing. If you let yourself fully indulge in daydreaming once in awhile, you may just find yourself living that imaginary reality two, five or eight years down the road.

Make notes, keep a journal, three-by-five cards or whatever record-keeping you want, so you can look back on your past daydreams and draw fresh inspiration from them.

The second way to infuse your future with magic is by involving your employees. Include all of them or select out a special team, whichever you are more comfortable with and that works with the type of staff you have. Supply some refreshments, close the doors and open the table for bright ideas. Establish some ground rules, such as you are looking for expansion ideas or a new business plan or marketing angles. Make sure everyone knows that there are NO BAD IDEAS. This is very important. When your staff really get this, they will be willing to voice a half-formed idea that might never work in its current form. But that unworkable idea could spark something in someone else’s mind that turns out to be brilliant. Assign a secretary to note all the good-bad-and-indifferent ideas for later review.

This type of exercise is great fun and is also a team-building tool as it allows everyone on the team to feel included in building a future. When ideas from that session are implemented, those who originated or added to the idea also have the pride of contributing to expansion. Those staff are more likely to feel an increase in loyalty because they want to stick around and see the idea succeed.

Someone must work as a chairperson to prevent this creativity session from becoming a gripe session. It should be expressed that this is a time to envision a bright new future, not address and solve problems in the present.

It’s not necessary to feel that you must implement ideas from these imagination or brainstorming sessions. You may simply use these ideas as inspiration to guide your day-to-day decisions. The most important thing is to grasp the freedom of imagination, decision and creation that is truly yours as a business owner. That alone may steer your path toward new horizons without challenging your comfort zone.