The Essential Simplicity of Marketing

If you can understand how simple marketing is, you might just know more than a college graduate who has studied what they call “marcomm” – Marketing Communications.

There’s a man named Kenneth Clow who is supposed to be one of the geniuses of our age when it comes to marketing. He wrote a well-known book about marketing communications. I’m going to give you just one sentence from this book: “The communication process is sender-encoding-transmission device-decoding-receiver, which is part of any advertising or marketing program.” Oh my word. I can just imagine a college freshman who dreams of being an effective marketer sitting in one of his classes and hearing something like that. I imagine that young man or woman would be running off to declare a new major before lunchtime.

It’s so much simpler than that. You have a product or service. You are going to offer that product or service. You are sure that product or service is wanted and valuable enough for people to want to buy it. Then you let them know in volume. You use a clear message and channels of communication they can easily receive messages on. And then you are prepared to give them a great product/service for a good price and do so.

OK, now you are a marketing expert…

This essential simplicity applies to an auto repair shop, a health clinic, a spa, and restaurant, a cell phone service provider or a cruise line. The scale may vary, certainly. Some products are delivered to a radius of just a mile or two around the business and others are delivered around the world.

So now you know this simple foundation. Now, there are effective methods of making sure what message you should be delivering to potential customers and what methods you should use to deliver it. Experience and training provides enormous benefit when it comes to these steps.

For example, how do you make sure people want what you are selling? How can you know what message about your product they most want to hear? What should your pricing schedule be like? What media should you use? Experience is valuable in these areas.

You very likely will hire experienced marketing people to help you carry out this research or prepare messages for delivery to your potential customers. But as these projects roll out, keep in mind how simple marketing is in its basics. This viewpoint can enable you to see the simplicity shine through in any surveys or research that are done on your behalf.

Another Simple Way to Think About Marketing

Think back to what marketing was like some hundreds of years ago. In those days, the marketplace was the courtyard of the castle. Some people’s wares were nicer than others – maybe one vendor’s produce had fewer bruises or looked fresher. One fish vendor yelled louder and had more appealing messages about his fish. Maybe the clerk behind the booth selling fabrics and thread was prettier than the others. These methods helped get the message across more quickly. But in the end, it was mostly about selling the items that were needed the most, at an attractive price.

These ideas may help you keep the simplicity of marketing in mind as you take your products and services to the marketplace. But don’t try to tell a college-educated “marcomm” expert how simple it is! He (or she) may never believe you.