Changes and Updates FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

I need my website updated. How and who do I contact at Visual Edge?

You can call us with an update by calling our toll free number 1-877-775-2530 and asking for “Updates and Maintenance” or just “Updates”.
We prefer to receive update requests via email so that we have a record of what was requested and when it was requested. Send all updates and maintenance requests to updates at visualedgedesign dot com (obviously written as an actual email address) or use the Client Contact Form.

Can’t I just email the Designer who created my website directly for an update?

Yes, however, your Designer will forward the update request to the normal updates email address. Each new website we build is created by a fully trained and skilled Web Designer. Our Lead Designers and Advanced Designers work exclusively on creating new websites or delivering design elements that require the skill and experience of an advanced designer, so once your website is completed, it is maintained on an on-going basis by our Website Maintenance Team.

So then, who handles my update request?

To ensure that updates are completed quickly, when they come in, they are distributed to our Maintenance and Support Team based on the skills needed to complete the update, familiarity with the design, and/or workload.

How can I ensure that when you receive my update that you know it is for my website?

We have hundreds of websites that we maintain, so to ensure rapid handling and accuracy, just put your website address and the word ‘update’ after it in the subject line of your email. (i.e. – update)

We have had times when we have spent hours trying to determine which website a request went with and trying to verify it, which added another day to getting the site updated while emails went back and forth clarifying who it was. So the above is a HUGE help.

How can I send in text changes that can be completed quickly?

If you have text to be added to your website, please send it in an editable digital format such as a Word document or Notepad document attached to the email, or even within the body of the email itself (as opposed to sending a fax or PDF).

How can I ensure that my update is completed the way I want it to be done?

Since emails addressed to updates are distributed to a member of our Maintenance Team, an update may not always be completed by the same person. To eliminate confusion, please ensure that when you send in an update request that you include enough information so that any member of our Maintenance Team can easily ascertain exactly what is needed to make your change.

For example: If you need a picture changed out on a specific page in your website, then include the specifics in your email, stating which page the picture is on, which picture you want replaced, and include the picture you want to replace it with (or give specific instructions of where the picture is that you want used as a replacement).

If you have text that you want added to a page, then include that exact text, and be specific when stating where you want it to go, including the page you want it on, and where on the page (such as the 3rd paragraph down before the sentence “Blah blah blah..”)

I have a number of changes this month, how should I send these in?

If you have a list of things to update, please ensure that it is laid out on separate lines in an easy to understand format and be sure to include each page that you want the changes to be made to – ideally, you would include the exact page link to ensure exact accuracy such as – this way, your Maintenance Team member can go to the exact page while reviewing your request.

What exactly is included in my monthly website maintenance anyway?

It is important to keep the content within your website fresh and current. We offer monthly website maintenance to ensure that our clients maintain an edge by keeping their website content fresh. With that said, below are the most frequent and common points that we cover in your monthly website maintenance:

Changes and updates to your website including text changes, swapping out images, adding an additional picture within a page, changing monthly specials, offers, adding or changing success stories to a testimonials page.

What’s not included? And what services would I pay for as extra?

There are a number of services that either require the skills of a Lead Designer or are extremely time-consuming. Here are some of the common services that are not included in our monthly website maintenance:

Editing or changing Flash files or animations, adding new web pages, changing the overall design theme, rearranging the basic navigation buttons on the website (which includes adding or deleting a button to the main navigation of a site – or adding a drop-down button), stock photo searches, web programming, copywriting or re-typing a text document because it was received in a format that we cannot use such as a fax or hard copy received by mail. If you do need maintenance services that require any of these advanced design skills or time, then we will be happy to discuss it with you to determine any additional costs involved.

What if my update takes more than 2 hours?

When an update comes in, it is reviewed and if we determine that it will take more than two hours, then we will contact you before we do the work. We will complete what we can within the two hours, but any additional time will be billed at our hourly rate after you have been contacted and are in agreement with the rate.

Can I have 4 hours this month since I didn’t use 2 hours in the past few months?

Unfortunately these are not “rollover minutes”. We designed this maintenance system with the intention of ensuring that our clients keep the content on their website fresh each month. This means that you should send in updates each month because once that month is gone, so are the 2 hours of maintenance time.

How long will it take to get my website update completed?

Usually it will be completed within 2 business days if the above guidelines are followed. Sometimes it takes longer if we have to clarify what is being asked and a client is difficult to reach. It can also take longer if the request is complex or not clear. But, generally most updates will be completed within 2 business days.

I sent in an email today, can’t I have my update done right away?

Normally we allow up to two business days. In the event of an emergency where content has to be removed or changed immediately, we can generally do it right away (as long as it is simple and factually an emergency), however, this depends on the number of updates that are pending. Updates are time-stamped as they arrive and they are handled oldest to newest. Sometimes we can handle an update immediately, other times it may take the full two days to get it done. However, the more clients who follow these guidelines, the easier it is for us to service you quickly and efficiently.

If you need additional assistance, you can always use the Client Contact Form to reach us. This form is exclusively for our clients.


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