SEO: The ABCs of the Information Age

Why SEO is Important…

We live in the Information Age: There are quite literally tens of billions of website pages listed in search engines, brimming with information and sales pitches about this, that and the other thing.

Building a website that gets a lot of visits and conversions can be hard to do. With all of the competition out there, how do you get yourself out of this ocean of websites and actually get some exposure and results from your internet “real estate?”

Well, let me ask you this: say you just opened a new store and recently paid to have a large amount of promotional postcards designed, printed and delivered to your door. The postcards are sharp, punchy and effective – a valuable promotional resource just waiting to be put to use.

Now, let’s say you left these postcards sitting in stacks in your foyer. No one knows your business exists, particularly. A few passers-by might walk into your door out of chance or simple curiosity, but are these people your target market? And a large enough market to sustain your business?

Leaving your postcards in stacks, unaddressed and unmailed doesn’t make any sense.

Building a website, regardless of how good-looking it is, how punchy or effective its marketing is, doesn’t make much sense either.

If nobody visits your site, you’re not even getting to the point where you try to sell them your product. How would you sell someone a suit jacket when they haven’t entered the store yet? It doesn’t matter how sharp or inexpensive your suit jackets are, if there aren’t any people physically in the store, you’ll get nothing.

There are practically as many ways to build a website as there are websites. Some are built to be a glamorous portfolio, but have no keywords or content to be picked up by search engines. Others are effective marketing machines with keywords placed in the right places for search engines to find. Only the ones who follow the rules of making a site preferred over others, and getting visits from their target market are effective.

Picking a good domain name, titling your pages correctly with the correct words, structuring your site so that the important text is where it should be on a given page are all important to getting a site seen by search engines – and a flourishing business boosted by effective internet marketing – not just slapping a website together.