Launching E-Commerce Without the Pain and Worry

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Whether you sell physical goods or deliver services, offering your products online is one great way to make money around the clock.

In fact, many companies that used to rely on sales departments are turning to e-commerce — which simply refers to websites that allow visitors to purchase products online through a shopping cart. Of course, there are some areas that might still perform better with a personal touch to close the deal, but you may be surprised at how many industries can — and do — sell online with great success.

The traditional use of e-commerce has been to make products available to those who can’t make it to a store during business hours or to those who live too far away to visit a store. The new trend is selling intellectual properties, services, and niche products online to anyone, anytime, anywhere.
For example, hot sauce used to be something you only got in a grocery store or a novelty shop but two spice-lovers in New York developed their own recipe and began selling it online. They sold $100,000 worth of their spicy mix in just one month last year.

Thanks to inspiring success stories like that one, many business owners are turning their entire business strategies towards selling online. Likewise, those who have worked to build up their businesses outside of their 9 to 5 jobs have found incredible success at reaching their niche markets through the internet and making their dreams a reality. There’s even a couple who are full-time stay-at-home parents now regularly bringing in $50,000 a month in sales by selling doll clothing patterns online.

Prime Industries for E-Commerce

Got an idea that you’d like to get out to the masses? An e-commerce setup can make it available in no time! Customers love the convenience of being able to purchase what they are looking for on their own schedule. They also love being able to do quick searches for the best prices and being able to take a look at reviews left by earlier buyers of the product or service they want. All these factors are driving more consumers to purchase online rather than their having to travel to a store where they only have one choice of product at one fixed price.

Don’t believe it? Just ask Amazon, now offering customers an array of services ranging from moving and cleaning to plumbing! Products and services that are prime for e-commerce include:

  • Beauty products
  • Mechanical parts
  • Sports gear
  • Consulting services
  • Clothing
  • Gift certificates
  • Food
  • Exercise equipment and accessories

Introductory Services and Offers Work

Even if you sell customized, high-ticket products or services, you can most likely think of something you can sell online to whet the appetites of your customers and make them want more from you. After all, it’s been proven that once someone has given you any amount of money — even just $1 — they are 10 to 20 times more likely to give you money again. If you can offer something enticing and affordable they might buy on impulse, you’ve instantly got someone who’s ready to hear about your next offering and is now far more likely to buy those services from you than they were five minutes ago.

Getting an Online Store Established

So, how does one start selling with e-commerce? And how do you get interested visitors to your online store? It all starts with a consultation. At Visual Edge Design, we offer full, turnkey e-commerce solutions for all types of businesses. Whether you’re looking to sell your grandmother’s cookies, an entire suite of tangible products or a variety of high-ticket service items, we have the package for you.

Our online marketing specialists will work with you to design the perfect website, shopping cart and marketing plan that offers your products and services to your target market.

There are many great platforms to use when setting up a shopping cart. Some of the most popular are WooCommerce and Magento and we offer them both. Plus, many of these systems include a Customer Relationship Management system so you can easily keep track of who’s bought what and when.

Once you have a great-looking shopping cart, we can build a website to match if you don’t have one yet or are unhappy with your current one. Then comes the design and structure of the marketing campaign to complement your e-commerce setup. This may include search engine optimization to put your products or services in the “organic” section of the search engines — meaning the non-paid section — paid ads and more.

Whoever you are trying to reach, in whatever geographic location, and with whatever interests, we can find them — and even better, get them to find your online store. And because we’ve already helped so many of our clients launch their e-commerce websites, we can eliminate the pain and worry you might think would be associated with this move.

Ready to find out how we can help you make money in your sleep? Not sure if this would work in your field? Give us a call or fill out a form on our website. We’re happy to show you the possibilities that await when it comes to getting yourself and your business out there on the Internet.