It’s Not All About Search Engine Optimization – It’s About Conversion

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The latest buzz in internet marketing is no longer search engine optimization. Nope, it’s conversion. What does this mean? It means that once a person arrives at your site, your website is as effective as possible at converting that person into a sale or a signup or a registration, whatever action you’re looking for. I’ll explain more – but first…

I should mention here that search engine optimization is as significant and vital as ever. You must have your fundamentals covered well before you move on to being concerned about conversion. Your site has to be built and written correctly to appeal to the correct audience and just as importantly, it must rank very well in Google search results so people can find you.

It’s just that now, savvy companies are moving on from this fundamental to driving their conversion rate up. Conversion is really the reason you have a website, after all.

How can this be done?

Well, there’s a long list of ways. I’ll discuss a few.

  1. Where’s your phone number? There’s something called the “fold” that dates back to days when newspapers were the main channel of news. A hot news item was “above the fold” – literally, higher than the middle of the page where the newspaper was folded to fit into a newsrack (one of those coin-operated sales machines). A lesser news item was placed below the fold. The same concept applies to a web page. There’s only so much of a page that will appear on the average monitor. Your phone number needs to be “above the fold.” If it isn’t, have it moved up. More people will call, as long as your website is otherwise reasonably effective.

  2. Is your call to action clear or is it cluttered and obscured? Are you offering half a dozen different things? Is the main offer obscured by too many images and gimmicky things to look at? Simplify the page and lead people to one action you want them to take. You will probably get more takers. You may want to make your call to action stand out by placing a colored box saying “Click here” – “Sign up here” – “Register now” – whatever applies in your situation. You probably want it to appear above the fold as well.

  3. Are your pages far too long? There are ways of determining how far down the page your average reader gets before he gives up. If no one is reaching the bottom of the page, you might want to get more concise. Arrive at your point sooner. It used to be that pages had to be fairly long to rank well in Google search results but that’s not as true as it used to be. Write to sell your clients in an efficient manner, make every word count. Wrap it up with a call to action. The key here would then be testing. Test a shorter sales page and then compare it to the results you got from a longer sales page. You might need to get exclusive phone numbers for each to make it an accurate test.

Now, you see how much you’ve learned in just a few minutes? If you want to know more about how your website can benefit from conversion optimization, just give us a call.

Carlos Bernot