How to Capitalize on Your Existing Website Traffic to Maximize Your ROI

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Let’s talk about using your website to market to the traffic you’re already bringing in. That’s right, I said using your site — as in, taking action with it. Having a great looking website that is mobile friendly, easy to navigate and gets found on Google is the first part of the equation. But there’s plenty more you can do to bring in even more results from your site and create the kind of expansion you went into business to achieve.

That might sound broad, but let’s dive into a few specific actions you can take today to start getting more customers and making more money from your website.

First off, let’s analyze what happens to visitors who do come to your site. Depending on the purpose of your site, you may be directing them to reach out to you to set up an appointment, request a free estimate or come into your storefront to purchase the products or services they need. Or, if you have an e-commerce site, your goal is obviously to get them to buy immediately (or as close to it as possible). But what happens if the visitor leaves your site without filling out a form, giving you a call, making a purchase, or visiting your establishment?

The fact is that a site visitor will usually decide whether or not your website has what they’re looking for within nine seconds. If you don’t catch their attention in that time (or even if they stick around for a bit and decide to leave without “converting” to a lead or a sale), they’re gone forever — or are they?

Repetition is Key

While the number of times a consumer must see the same message before acting varies according to the study done, general consensus is a minimum of three to five viewings of the same message are required before a consumer will decide to take action to find out more or (hopefully) purchase your product or service. But in a marketplace that relies on repetition to generate sales, how do you keep from losing the hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers that are currently visiting your site only once?

The answer is that you must capture their identity so you can send them those repeat messages. You have several options of how to do this and thus get more opportunities to prove to them that you are the company they are looking for.

One common and highly successful way is to incorporate a sign-up or opt-in form on your site that offers them an exclusive deal if they join your mailing list. The more specific your offer, the more successful your opt-in form will be. For example, if you have a hair salon, rather than saying:

“Join our mailing list and get 10% off your first service,” you might say:

“Get your first haircut for just $29 when you join our mailing list!”

Not only will you gain a new customer for that first haircut, you will have multiple future opportunities to win their continued business through your excellent service, your e-mail campaigns and more special offers to bring them back to your shop.

If you decide to engage in paid advertising (which can be extremely inexpensive and bring serious bang for your buck), there are tools that can be used on your site to place a cookie — a piece of code that identifies each visitor as someone who has already visited your site — on your visitors’ browsers so that you can later send specific ads to them to remind them why they need you.

One specific and effective method of paid advertising is to boost or promote a particular piece of content from your site through Facebook. You can spend as little or as much as you’re comfortable with, whether that’s $1 a day or $10. Facebook can find users who are likely to be interested in your content and display your post in their Timelines. Once they visit your site, you use one of the techniques discussed here to add them to a specific list so that you have the opportunity to advertise to them again later, should you choose to do so. To clarify that concept, here’s an example.

As the hair salon owner, you add a post to your website’s blog on how to choose the right hairstyle for your face shape. (You DO have a blog on your website, don’t you?) You could reasonably deduce that visitors to that article are interested in a new hairstyle that flatters their faces. You could then share that post on Facebook and tell Facebook how much you are willing to pay to put that post in front of those who have shown an interest in hairstyles. Your blog post should include a very specific offer, maybe for a free consultation to find the right style for their face shape, or $29 for their first haircut, etc.

Again, this can be extremely inexpensive and targeted to exactly the clientele you’re looking to reach. But your website needs to have an enticing blog or other content to get them interested in your services or opt-in forms with great offers that will get them on your mailing list. And the site must rank well in Google search results or you won’t even be able to get that far. Visual Edge Design has the marketing, design, SEO, and content skill set your site needs to bring you the business you’re looking for. Give us a call today if you’d like to get more business from your website.