How Emails Can Profit Almost Any Business

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I would be willing to bet you that anyone who is active on the internet gets plenty of email traffic from businesses they have frequented. Now, I’m not talking here about offensive spam. You know which ones I mean – the kind that you wish you have a “Delete and Destroy” button for, not just “Delete.” No, you really don’t need to buy counterfeit Viagra from a foreign country, thanks anyway.

I’m talking about emails from websites you have purchased from, or local businesses you visit regularly. If the businesses you frequent are on the ball, they collect email addresses, especially from the more dedicated customers, and send them useful or informative messages that generate more business.

At a health food store I frequent, there is almost always a clipboard at the checkout lane that invites me to add myself to the email list. It’s interesting to me to note that there are always names on this list. People add themselves to this list every day and since this has been going on for years, this store must have tens of thousands of people on their email distribution list by now.

Take a Tip from the Power Company

So what can you do to increase the viability of your company, once you have these email addresses? Power companies in various cities have had the habit of adding a little electric company newsletter to their bills for many years. You’ve probably seen these, maybe read them or at least glanced at them. For me, it always created the impression that there were real people somewhere in the power company, not just wires coming to my house. Don’t know if that was their intent but it was what I noticed.

There are many effects you can create on your customers and potential customers by sending them regular emails.

You can, for example:

  1. Remind them that you are still alive. This is sort of rock bottom, but it is far better than their wondering if you’re still over there on the corner of State and Main, still in business.

  2. Explain your products or services better. A car repair company can explain what happens when tires get worn. An insurance company can help people understand who should have term life insurance. A hair salon can explain how hair problems can be solved with a new line of products.

  3. Give people a reason to buy now. Send out coupons or special prices for certain products that month.

  4. Remind people of special needs they might have for your services at that time of year. A boutique could stock a supply of prom dresses before these events start and send out photos of the dresses in emails, even offering to schedule an appointment for shopping or a fitting. An auto repair shop could recommend a winter roadworthiness check. A heating and air conditioning company could send reminders of pre-summer checks for AC or pre-winter checks for heaters.

  5. Tell people about special events, open houses, experts coming to your business to give presentations, workshops.

  6. Find out what your customers want or how their needs might be changing just by asking them outright.

Emails can do a lot of work for you. By sitting down once every few months and brainstorming out a bunch of ideas, you can send a weekly or bi-weekly email without having to stress over it each month. With regular communication like this, you can markedly enhance your relationship with current or future customers.

And if you have a fairly large list, let’s say a few thousand at least, then sending from your own email account might not be such a great idea because of issues with your service provider. If that’s the case, get with us and we can help set you up with a method.