Great Trends in Internet Marketing

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I have to say, I am really happy with the way Google is guiding the whole internet search functionality. In their last couple of major updates, Google is focusing on offering truly useful content to real people who are seeking purposeful information on their chosen topics. As I have mentioned before, it used to be that you could just throw up junk that was rich with keywords, buy or swap a whole lot of links to your pages and you would rise to the top of the results offered by any of the major search engines. Google has taken the lead in developing ways of offering the content people want, not dishing up a bunch of advertisements with no real value.

Analysts in this industry now agree that to keep on top of these recent changes, a website has to have content that is real and valuable. It should be recognized by the community as having value and there should be plenty of interaction between the community and the content/writers.

How to Do it

What points would make your content satisfy these requirements?

  • Depending on your industry, your content may need to be deeply and accurately researched.

  • It should be timely. By which I mean, there should be fresh content added to your site on a regular basis and when it can deal with the issues of the day, this is even better.

  • It helps a lot if your content is supported with social media postings. So your content should be posted to places like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare and YouTube.

  • The more commenting, the better, so you’d better seek to make this content intriguing, captivating, compelling, even controversial. Innovate, discover and communicate what you learn.

  • If readers re-post your content, this is a good sign. So offer helpful information your readers would want to give others. Intelligent advice, viewpoints they might find useful, how-to tips that would come in handy. This applies to written content but also think of videos! Lots of videos out there offering how-to advice.

  • Subscribers to your content also help, so you should have ways your readers can sign up for emails, notifications from your blogs, etc.

Good News and Bad News

Does that sound complicated? Like a lot of work? I guess you could say that’s the bad news.

The good news: If you don’t have the time, or have someone on staff who knows what to do, then you can outsource all this work to a company like ours, or someone else that you work with already. This is our specialty though, and is something we work on every day of the week.

Keeping your online presence fresh should be part of the marketing plan for any business that wants to expand – even one that wants to hold onto its present customer base. More than 60% of the buying public is looking online for reviews, product specifications, locations, how-to instructions, etc., and you need to be there.

If you’re not sure how much return on your investment you can achieve by improving the way your website interacts with the online world, you should call me for an analysis. I can look at your site and give you some ideas, as well as case studies from other clients to show what can be done. There’s no reason you should expect an investment without a return.

Keeping your site fresh, interesting and popular should be as important as keeping a restaurant premises clean and the food delicious, or providing properly done home improvement work. It’s now an essential element – and cost – of doing business.

Carlos Bernot