Google Loves Blogs

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Fortunately or unfortunately, those of us doing internet marketing have learned that pleasing the Google search machine is the way to win at this game. Each time Google updates their methods of operation, a ripple rolls through this industry. Sometimes that ripple is as big as a tsunami and sometimes it’s just a quiver. Smart folks either study up on what they just changed (if they make any announcement) or decipher the changes by looking at how the search results changed (when they don’t make an announcement).

Several years ago, Google decided that blogs contain valuable content. So they began including blogs when they scanned the internet to add pages to their massive indexes. Not only did they begin including blogs, they also showed that they preferred blogs over much of the other information out there by tending to place blog results high in the search results.

When a blog is popular, Google likes it even more. Google looks for signs of popularity via social media, comments and links to your blog. If you publish a link to your blog post to Facebook and a lot of people like that Facebook post, this works in your favor. If a lot of people comment on your blog, that means that you either are an authority for your commenters or there is an active community related to your blog. Either way, Google respects that and pushes your blog higher in search results.

If you have gained renown in your area of expertise (and blogging) and many other commentary websites or other blogs talk about your content and link to it, then Google takes this as another sign of your authenticity and authority. Again, your blog post is pushed higher in search results.

So What Can We Surmise from This?

Well, the first is that you should have a blog for your business. And it should be maintained in a lively, fresh state. In other words, there should be fresh content added on a regular basis, at least once a week. More is OK, too.

Second, you should send your customers there. If you send out emails to your customers, include links to your blog. Refer to your blog in your emails. Mention it on your Facebook page and publish your blog posts there, too, always with a link back to the blog post. If you utilize Twitter, mention new blog posts. Connect blog posts to your LinkedIn profile. Heck, call your family and ask them to read it!

Third, to make your blog interesting, you need to write content that relates to what people might want to know about your area of business. Or hire someone to do it for you, because not everyone is natively a good writer. Of course, Visual Edge Design provides this service for our clients. Not every business owner has the time or the skill to write a blog post every week.

Your blog content should help people, not just help them to buy your products or services, but simply help them. Whatever you are expert in, help them with your expertise and experience. If you have enough experience to run a business, you have valuable experience and knowledge to share. When you help them, they will comment, like your blog posts and tell other people that they should tune in. This is the path to popularity and that is the path to better placement in Google search results.