Good WordPress Hunting

If you haven’t heard the news, WordPress just beat out Joomla and Drupal for this years’ Open Source CMS Hall Of Fame award. As a matter of fact, those two runners up are in reverse order of finish line crossings, Drupal was second and Joomla was third.

WordPress didn’t win by a landslide as a swing vote had to decide the tie between them and Drupal. But WordPress won all the same, and we think decidedly so.

WordPress is continuing to move forward with their marketing position shift from weblog to a full on bonafide Content Management System (CMS).

Ok, so that isn’t news. But there is a difference between people knowing that somebody is a genius and the person actually admitting to themselves they are a genius.

I mean come on, it took Will Hunting losing the love of his life and a threat of bodily harm from his best friend for him to finally admit to his potential and do something about it instead of mopping floors and clandestinely solving unsolvable mathematic equations.

Of course having a famous stand-up comedian as a shrink probably didn’t help. But I digress.

Our lead designer, Ian Phoenix, has discovered evidence that WordPress is finally laying aside their hardhat for bigger and better things despite their own self proclaimed stealth campaign to hide it.

WordPress is one of the main CMS platforms we employ for our clients here at Visual Edge Design when designing. It allows us to design amazing websites and still make them affordable for small to medium businesses.

Well, in his travels across the various dashboards, Ian noted that WordPress has changed the familiar

“Just another WordPress weblog” to “Just another WordPress site”.

Now that is attention to detail folks.

Hmmm… Good Ian Hunting perhaps?

By Michael Graves