Getting Business From Your Blog

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If you’ve got a blog, you should be getting something from it. It could be traffic to your website, or people walking in your store or business or phone calls asking about your products or services. Hopefully you’re contributing to your blog, adding regular content to it – at least once a week. So how do you convert people from readers to something more useful?

There’s a number of things you should be doing.

1. Write in a casual, friendly voice. Nearly all blogs are written in a personal voice, not a corporate one. Use conversational tone and a simple vocabulary. Even a little slang is fine, and humor is great if it’s appropriate to the subject. Really, it should sound like you would if you were chatting with a customer.

2. Don’t be complex. If your subject is really complicated, try tackling just one aspect of it. A blog post is not something most people really concentrate on so don’t make your readers work too hard. If you take one point and explain it thoroughly, you’re likely to be appreciated more than if you tried to explain everything about your products or services in one blog post.

3. Be useful. Help your customers. Give them tips, helpful advice or useful information. But don’t always expect to make money from the help. Just provide useful information. A company that makes healthy makeup wrote a blog post explaining the problem with some of the ingredients that other companies used and mentioned that they didn’t use any of those ingredients. There was no sales pitch for the products. They started getting calls from readers, asking for more information about their ingredients.

4. Keep things brief. Make your sentences short and to the point. Use simple sentence structure. Remember your English lessons from school!

5. Don’t wander! Stay on the point. When you are done writing your post, let it sit for a little while and then take a look at it and make sure you stuck closely to the point you intended to make. Trim out anything that’s unneeded.

6. Don’t emphasize sales in your blog posts. Blogs are not sales brochures. It is better to be informative about some aspect of your products, services or even your industry and let people make up their own minds. For example, if you sell fine wood flooring, don’t be afraid to discuss carpets or other home decor items or color schemes to create different moods. Your customers will see you as helpful and are more likely to tune back in to your blog at another time.

It’s okay to “curate” information from other sources. By this is meant to sift through other information from your industry and select out the best information you would like your customers to have. Just make it your own, give it your spin and personal interpretation.

Now, that being said – it would be natural to mention your products or services from time to time. Just remember that this isn’t the place to pitch them hard.

And in line with our own advice, we can provide you with great blogs on a regular basis! (See how that works?) Call us for more information.