Business Blogs Rule!!! Do You Have a Business Blog Yet?

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Business Blogs Rule!!! Do You Have a Business Blog Yet?

So we’ve told you before that the website for your business should have a blog. We’ve mentioned that a couple of times now. Are you still not convinced? Maybe you need a little more convincing?

Would it help if you heard some of the wins from corporations that are using blogs?

How about the fact that there are 17,000 blogs by IBM employees? There have been 15 MILLION downloads of employee-generated videos or podcasts since their involvement in employee blogging started.

Microsoft was famous for allowing employees to create their own individual blogs early in the evolution of blogging. Now, they not only permit it, they feature an index to employee blogs at The blog subjects run the gamut from business management software deployment to geothermal energy storage devices. There’s blogs on the National Football League and Outlook, the Microsoft based email service. You’ll note that not all blogs feature Microsoft products or services. Some also get into the charitable programs Microsoft employees are involved in – a PR plus for the company as well as the individuals.

An early analysis of the Microsoft employee blogging activity notes that allowing – even encouraging – employees to maintain their own blogs enables key people from within the company to communicate directly with customers without a PR or marketing spin. It also puts a human face to a very large corporation and in fact, it provides a way to document the development of product ideas.

Forbes Magazine’s Model of Blogging

A few years ago, Forbes Magazine was just a business news magazine. Well-known and successful, sure, but not known for their blogs. Now, they are.

They have almost one thousand authors and hundreds of thousands of blog posts from these authors. Their online audience doubled in one year, from 15 million unique viewers to 30 million. That is very powerful growth.

But You’re Not Microsoft or Forbes, Right?

Blogging still provides value for small companies. Of course, as we have said before, your blog strengthens your website when it comes to those all-important Google search results. This is the easiest place to get new content added to your site on a regular basis.

But still, even for a small company, it enables you to put a helpful public face out there for all your potential customers to find. You can explain your products and services and help people understand why they need them.

The way blogs are written is very different from the way books, websites or news articles are written. It’s a natural voice that makes the information from a company, corporation or news source very accessible to the average man or woman on the street. I would bet you that’s part of the reason that blogs have brought such strength to these major corporations. Otherwise, all you’d ever get out of companies like Microsoft and IBM is the typical press release or marketing brochure.

We provide a constant stream of blog posts for many of the companies we support with websites and other content. And we can do the same for you. Ask us for more information!

Carlos Bernot