Are You on Facebook? Do You “Like” People and Pages? Should You Care if Someone Wants You to “Like” Them?

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As of May 2013, there were 1.11 BILLION Facebook users. This is about one in seven humans on this planet. Now, think about the fact that this seven billion Earth population includes:

  • Senior citizens who have chosen not to adopt this technology

  • Children who are too young for Facebook pages

  • People in prisons, hospitals or other institutions around the world

  • People without the literacy skills to participate

  • People without the electricity or digital infrastructure to participate

  • And people who just don’t care.

You’ll see that among the remaining population, Facebook presence is going to be pretty pervasive. Chances are pretty good that you are among them or that you have at least roamed the site with someone else’s help. Chances are also pretty good that the majority of your customers or clients are on Facebook.

Maybe you have seen that someone posted a notice that said, “Go to my (business/musician/fan) page and LIKE ME!”

Why do they do this? What difference does it make? Is this some kind of popularity contest or ego boost for them?

They are seeking an advantage with the search engines. One Search Engine Optimization expert noted that if your social media presence grows in strength, the strength of your related websites will also grow. This means that having a fan page on Facebook is a good idea to strengthen your primary website.

The Major Social Media Sites

Of course, Facebook is not the only social medium by a very long shot. It’s number one, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, MySpace and Google+.

Twitter: text message exchange service with more than 300 million messages posted each day.

LinkedIn: social networking for professionals.

Pinterest: pinboard-style photo sharing site.

MySpace: social networking site with an emphasis on music; preceded Facebook.

Google+: social networking site that is married into Google search results.

If you really want to own your social media presence, you’d occupy space in each of these worlds.

You might have to pick and choose, depending on your business. A hairdresser could have an excellent presence on all these pages, as could a custom body shop. Imagine the images of classic cars and great paint jobs a custom body shop could post to Pinterest! A hairdresser or nail technician could post images on Pinterest of their own projects or inspiration for customers.

A restaurant might post pictures to social media of events that were held at the restaurant. A gourmet restaurant or deli might post images of great dishes, even if they didn’t come from that business and post recipes to Facebook. Potential customers will get accustomed to being inspired by this restaurant which will create a favorable relationship. Even a landscaper could post seasonal advice to Twitter and Facebook, and images of beautiful gardens to a Pinterest page.

If you commit to a social media campaign, you will accumulate the most value if you are consistent. If it’s possible, make it part of your life to stop by your social media pages and leave comments, advice or news. This will get people accustomed to seeing your posts and if they are interesting and useful, they will click on links to your site when you include these. Thus the traffic to your website can grow, to be followed by customer interest and sales.

Facebook will help you get started. Just click on the icon in the upper right corner, the one that looks like a little gear. Then scroll down and click on Advertising. This will give you step by step instructions on building a new page.

Of course, you can buy services from Facebook, but you can get started on your own page without any cost, and make it popular by posting interesting and useful information.

If you need help or just want to talk about this in more detail, send me an email or give me a call any time.

Carlos Bernot