Meet the Team

Grant – Founder and CFO

Skills: Brilliant programmer, financial genius, car racing, can trouble shoot practically anything – and makes it look waaaaay too easy!

Pet Peeves: Phone sales people who sound like they’re reading from a script. Bad movies and slow drivers.

Loves: My family, racing, my wife, my kids, sushi, my wife, Scrabble, traveling and oh yeah, my wife. (Not necessarily in that order).

Siouxie – CEO

Skills: Design, strategic planning, writing, marketing, and keeping everyone’s eyes on the mountain.

Pet Peeves: Bad design, dishonesty, slow service, and movies with bad endings.

Loves: Anything creative. Volunteering and making a difference. Love, my family, especially my grandkids, music, writing, blogging, Scrabble.

Grayson – Chief Operations Officer

Skills: Statistical analysis, employee training, streamlining production, patience, maintaining a fun/exciting work environment and making things go right, while loving the heck out of every minute.

Pet Peeves: Slow talkers, dirty hands, when someone doesn’t say thank you after holding the door, too frozen ice cream, and giving up on your goals.

Loves: My family, aesthetics, music, business, producing, art, friends, books, creating and truly helping others.

team Blair

Blair – Chief Technology Officer

Skills: Cars, racing, drifting, travel and adventure with my wife, learning new things.

Pet Peeves: Traffic, waiting.

Loves: Driving, management, logic.

Jose – System Administrator

Skills: Linux, WHM, cPanel, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, PHP and the ability to make a server or website do just about anything I need it to do.

Pet Peeves: Malware, Spam and #people #who #use #redundant #hashtag.

Loves: My wife, my family, Sports (Soccer First, Real Madrid Fans), Cuban Food, New Technologies, Play Station.


Archi – Designer

Skills: Anything web design related, WordPress, HTML, oh, and speaks 6 languages (4 of them fluently)

Pet Peeves: Running out of day when there’s still so much that can be done.

Loves: Design, coding, traveling, learning.


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